MESSED UP PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Wall Selfie in Workplace (Confidential)…

Yeah, so I travel a bit for work – and I always try and grab some photos.  Ended up at a employer not to be named and took this one a few months back.  To be fair, this wasn’t in the entrance of the building but a next level hallway.  Take a look and I’ve got a comment or two after the jump (email subscribers click through for image):


–Yes, that’s a selfie being taken by a camera, not a smartphone.

–Yes, it’s unclear if there’s a viewfinder which would indicate it’s digital over film.  We’re not sure.

–Employer business is focused on sales to youth.  No, I’m not ####ing you.

Bonus points for getting the good looking people right.  Note to marketing director – just take the original art/image and cut that #### down and make it this:

I’m here for you, companies of the Brontosaurus age.  You’re vintage, I’ll give you that.



This post originally appeared on The HR Capitalist
Author: Kris Dunn