Preferred Methods of Communicating with KD, Ranked…

Because email’s not dead, it’s just been shoved to the side a little bit by a younger, sleeker option called Text…

Here’s the preferred methods of communicating with me, ranked with color commentary notes:

1. Text – Took a little longer for me to get here, but there’s now a chance a text may get buried before I respond, seems like it rules the day for the top 15 people I communicate with daily.

2. Email – Contrary to popular rumor, not dead yet. I’m Gen X, and professional Gen X people tend to run their lives off of email.  I’ve received admiration just short of a standing O for my folder system when projected on the big screen before I call up Powerpoint to do a presentation.

3. Phone – I’m of the opinion that if you’re like a sports GM, looking for the asset that’s undervalued, the phone is probably it these days.  Sure, some people will never answer it, but a lot will.  And there’s not enough people still using the tool.  #moneyball

4. Crawling in My Window. Hey – what’s up?

5. Slack – Only for the people at work, and since I’m Gen X, a message will hit my email box if I don’t view it in 2 hours.

6. Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger – Kind of clunky and hidden based on how I live my life.  Use at your own peril.

7. Hiding under my bed for two days and then popping out an hour after I go to sleep.  We have to do this now?  OK.

8. LinkedIn Messaging – Nice move to take away replies from my email inbox, LInkedIn. You just guaranteed I’m going to use the system less. You used to be solid in the number three spot, now even the communication tactics of stalkers are preferred over your ecosystem.

Did someone say “stalker”?  That’s a great reason to share this cut of Tenacious D (the series from HBO) and “Lee”.

I’m out.


This post originally appeared on The HR Capitalist
Author: Kris Dunn