Service Animal Gets Job, Too!

With all the doom and gloom that’s populated our media these days, HRSBT has just the feel-good-type of story you need!

Service Dog

As an HR professional, you’re probably aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how to accommodate an employee with a disability. However, what happens if your employee has a service animal. Are you supposed to accommodate the animal as well?® has previously reported on the importance of training your employees on allowing service animals in the workplace, so the answer to this question is yes!

According to, one employer has taken the accommodation process one step further and has hired a man’s service animal to work alongside him. Air Force Veteran Clay Luthy was having a difficult time trying to find a job that would hire both him and his service dog, Charlotte. According to Reporter News, Luthy was a C-130 loadmaster in the Air Force until he “blew out” both of his knees. After five surgeries, he is still unable to bend his left knee. Charlotte must accompany Luthy at all times, help him remain calm, and help him up, should Luthy fall.

Luthy says it was hard trying to find work that would accommodate both him and Charlotte. That’s when the home improvement/hardware store, Lowe’s comes in. Jay Fellers, an HR manager for Lowe’s tells KRBC, “We were interviewing people for his position and he was one of the applicants. And so he showed up for the interview and he had Charlotte with him.” And the rest is history!

Like most service animals, Charlotte has to wear a vest, but when she reports to work with Luthy, she gets to wear a special, customized Lowe’s vest. And instead of facing angry customers, Charlotte can be seen walking alongside Luthy bringing smiles to customers’ faces.

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