How Does It Work?

True Wage’s salary data tool is a data aggregator. The tool engages in a regular data mining process where pay data is searched, collected, and formatted in a searchable, summarized format. However, the tool is not fully automated and requires some expert review in order to maintain valid results.

The tool is different from other free-to-try salary data solutions on the internet because it relies on data from salary surveys that collect data from companies rather than self-reported information from individuals. That gives the results from the tool a high degree of accuracy.

If you’re interested in a customized report, please visit our services page for more information and let us know what you’re looking for.


The first step in finding market data is to narrow down to the job you’re looking for. Jobs in the tool are grouped into job levels and job families, which should help you get down to a short list. While no position descriptions are provided for the roles, the jobs are titled consistently with common U.S. job titles in the market to make them easier to find and match to.


Once a single job from the database is selected, the table will show ranges from low to high, with a middle value, and these values represent the 25th, 75th, and 50th percentiles of the market respectively. Three values are shown for all jobs in the database, representing the range for annual base salary (i.e. the fixed amount of money paid to employees through a year for performing his or her job duties).

For more information on how to interpret the ranges, please read the salary data interpretation guide.