What Would Einstein Do (If He Had to Solve YOUR Pay Problems)?

If there is a universal experience that we all share as we gain experience in the discipline of employee compensation, it’s the realization that there is a knee jerk tendency among our clients — from front line supervisors to senior managers — to assume that every employee issue can be resolved by throwing money at it.  And that money needs to be delivered NOW.

And so the litany, from those who come knocking at our office doors or lining up in our email in-boxes, often goes like this:

“My employees are dissatisfied, so we need to give them raises.”  Or “my employees are not motivated, so we need to increase their pay.”  Or “my employees are leaving, so we need to pay them more.”

What to do?

Well, help comes our way from an unexpected source: renowned physicist and Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein on solving tough problems under pressure.  Check out what Einstein had to say about dealing with with these kinds of situations — and how we can apply his advice in our work — in my recent post at the Compensation Cafe.

Creative Commons image “Einstein” by renjith radhakrishnan

This post originally appeared on Compensation Force
Author: Ann Bares