S**t STEVE JOBS SAID: On Your Culture Being Special…

I miss Steve Jobs.  Actually I miss him being an ass, but ultimately being right on so many things.? Here’s a talent nugget from the Jobs book talking about how kids have basically assimilated to the same culture across the world:

When Steve’s family got to Istanbul, he hired a history professor to give his family a tour.  At the end they went to a Turkish bath, where the professor’s lecture gave Jobs an insight about the globalization of youth:

“I had a real revelation.  We were all in robes, and they made some Turkish coffee for us.  The professor explained how the coffee was made very different from anywhere else, and I realized, “So f**king what?”  Which kids even in Turkey give a shit about Turkish coffee?  All day I had looked at young people in Istanbul.  They were all drinking what every other kid in the world drinks, and they were wearing clothes that look like they were bought at the Gap, and they were all using cell phones like kids everywhere else.  It hit me that, for yourng people, the whole world is the same now.”

Classic Steve Jobs.  Your coffee is different than in my culture?  The old people in your culture are the only people who care.

Your company’s culture is different from other companies?  Better find a way to connect with candidates, because nobody outside your company, and more probably, your leadership team, thinks your coffee/culture is special…

This post originally appeared on The HR Capitalist
Author: Kris Dunn